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The international singer performing worldwide, Rakelya, is a European Composers' Association SACEM member.


In addition to being a musician with a classical background (playing piano, violin, and guitar), she is a songwriter, composer, and musical arranger. Her musical arrangements have garnered numerous reviews due to their uniqueness, including "Ma liberté," classically interpreted, "Que je t'aime," featuring ethnic motifs, and more. Likewise, her new musical arrangement for the Hebrew song "Adon Olam," has become highly sought after at ceremonies and official events.

Placing significant importance on embracing various cultures and audiences, this leads her to expand the number of languages in which she performs her songs. Currently, her repertoire includes Hebrew, French, English, Arabic, Russian, Ladino, Yiddish, Spanish, and Greek, with plans for further expansion.


Among her original pieces, can be found the song 'Mother',inspired by the horrific events concerning Yemenite children in the early 1950s.  Likewise, her composition addressing global warming features the wailing voices of dolphins, symbolizing the environmental disaster that befalls the world.  The song 'A Realm of Mystery' which incorporates ethnic motifs, was the result of a collaboration with her two musician brothers, Elya and Yoni Smadja.

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