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Rakelya - GWRakelya
00:00 / 03:38

GW (Global Warming)

Composed and arranged by Rakelya

A piece of music addressing global warming features the wailing voices of dolphins, symbolizing the environmental disaster befalling the world.

LYRICS (part 1):


I never felt your touch,

caressing my wound.

I never heard your laugh,

I never knew you around.

You were so young when you lost me,

so innocent and lonely,

and I was kidnapped all this time.


How many days you passed in crying,

and it was all a lie.

My soul was desperate to find you,

my days turned dark like the night.

18 years had passed from this day,

which left a shadow in your way.

I suffer and you thought

I passed away.


How many creases

were engraved on your face?

How much grief,

suffering and suffocation

knocked on your fate?

Why do your eyes look so tired,

oh my tender mother,

From your exhausting travel

you have past on earth.

Rakelya - MotherRakelya
00:00 / 04:41


Written, Composed and Arranged by Rakelya

Inspired by the horrific tragedy of the Yemenite children in the early 1950s.

LYRICS (part 2):


Imprisoned in their cruelty,

without a resting place.

Even a grain of humanity,

escaped from my fate.

I never knew what was love,

it was a stranger world to me,

and my life flowed inside a hole.


How many creases

were engraved on your face?

How much grief, suffering and

suffocation knocked on your fate?

Why do your eyes look so tired?

Why do you turn off your desire?

Tell me why, tell me why

you are so sad?


I will uproot all your sadness

from your deep brown eyes.

I will fill your heart with happiness,

I will bring the stars from the sky.

Why do your eyes still look tired

Oh, my tender mother?

You were cheated like I was,

and our lives become a nightmare,

almost a suicide.

A realm of misteryRakelya-Elya-Yoni
00:00 / 03:44

A realm of mystery

Composed by Elya, Yoni and RakelyaLyrics by Rakelya

This song, which incorporates ethnic motifs, was the result of a collaboration between the three musician brothers: Rakelya, Elya and Yoni Smadja. All have different styles, which are expressed in their joint works such as this song.

More information about Elya, Yoni and their works, below.

A realm of mystery

Full of diversity

is hidden in your mind

But vanish every time I touch


Behind your deep regard

Where fear is locked inside

Behind the child you are

Unknown like a falling star


Eli1 (1)_edited.jpg

A classical pianist, composer, and musical arranger, he is known for his meditational style. His conferences for the general public regarding his research on classical music have been highly successful.

<---  Two from his wonderful compositions, left.

White Structure


A guitarist, drummer, pianist, and musical arranger.

Specializes mainly in electronic music, metal, and trance with an innovative direction.


Known for his masterpiece "natural selection" (presented below) and more. The intentional departures from the rhythm in his works allow for a pulsating experience.

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